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BGP7 Pneumatic Dead-Weight Tester

BGP7 Pneumatic Dead Weight Tester Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology

Budenberg Industrial Dead-Weight Tester 0.1 to 7 bar / 10 to 700 kPa

The Budenberg BGP base can be used with any BGP series piston, allowing testing from 15 mbar to 120 bar. The base requires a supply of Gas slightly above the test pressure, and has precision inlet/outlet valves and a screwpress to enable easy regulation and adjustment of pressure.

The BGP7 has a 0.5in2 high chrome steel piston/cylinder unit which operates on pure Gas. The design has been proven over many years to achieve the necessary sensitivity whilst remaining robust enough for heavy industrial use.

All certificates issued for Budenberg Dead-weight Testers are fully traceable to national standards via equipment with UKAS calibration certificates.


  • Ranges from 0.1 to 7 bar / 10 to 700 kPa
  • Supplied with integral pressure generation  


BGP7 by Budenberg Features

  • Range: From 0.1 to 7 bar / 10 to 700 kPa
  • Standard Accuracy: To 0.015%
  • Class ‘A’ Accuracy: To 0.006%
  • Accessories: Two gauge stand, carry cases,
  • Piston/Cylinder Unit: 1/2in2 high chrome steel
  • Weights: Austenitic stainless steel
  • Tool Roll: Containing all necessary items for immediate start-up (External gas supply required)


The Budenberg is suitable for the following applications / industries

Oil & Gas Pressure Gauges Budenberg Australia

Oil & Gas

Petrochemical Pressure Gauges Budenberg Australia



BGP7 Pneumatic Dead-Weight Tester Specification Sheet Download

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