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TurboPro Pro-T Turbine Mass Flow Meter

Pro-T Turbine Flowmeter from Vortek Instruments

The Pro-T multi-variable flowmeters from VorTek Instruments utilise three primary sensing elements:

    1. a turbine sensor
    2. an RTD temperature sensor
    3. a solid-state pressure transducer––to measure the mass flow rate of gases, liquids and steam

Because the TurboPro™ is able to measure all process variables within a single device it provides exceptional accuracy, simplifies system design and reduces installation costs. They are easily installed with flanged or Male NPT process connections in any pipe size of two-inches and greater.

An optional retractor or "hot-tap" hardware simplifies maintenance operations. The TurboPro™ Model Pro-T™ provides excellent range-ability and can measure very low flow rates with negligible permanent pressure drop. Additionally rotors are interchangeable, making this meter a good choice for installations with step changes in seasonal flow rates.

To simplify installation and commissioning, all measured variables and programming menus are available on the instrument’s easy to use display and control pad.

The product line is available with a wide range of options and meter configurations to meet your specific application requirements. 

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Benefits and features of the Turbo Pro T include:

  • Volumetric or mass flow monitoring of most liquids, gases, and steam
  • Multivariable meter delivers mass flow, temperature, pressure, and density readings from a single installed device and reduces initial costs, installation cost and cost of ownership over the lifetime of the instrument
  • Compensated mass flow reading of liquids, gases, and steam
  • Easy to install and commission - Hot tappable, process shut down not required for installation
  • High accuracy with rangeability up to 17:1
  • Handles temperatures from -267°c to 454°c
  • Handles pressures up to 1500 psig
  • Insertion style mounting permits installation in any pipe 2 inches and greater
  • Field configurable ranges, outputs and displays
  • Remote electronics option available for use in harsh environments or locations with limited access
  • 4-20mA loop-powered Mass Meter design saves on energy costs
  • HART protocol communications (standard)
  • Modbus communications available
  • FM, FMC, ATEX, IECEx Approvals pending

Principles of Operation for the Turbo Pro T models:

TurboPro™ Principle of Operation
Insertion turbine flow meters measure flows of liquid, gas, and steam by detecting the frequency of rotation of the turbine blades. According to the proven laws of physics, the frequency at which the turbine rotates is directly proportional to the flow velocity.
Insertion turbine flow meters measure flow by detecting the local velocity at a strategically located position within the pipe. The TurboProTM detects the frequency within the sensor head. It uses the local velocity, along with other parameters such as fluid type, pipe size, and Reynolds Number to calculate the average pipe velocity, and consequently, the volumetric flow rate.

TurboPro™ Model Pro-T™-VTP
The Model Pro-T™ offers you flow computer functionality in a compact field device. This multivariable instrument incorporates temperature and pressure sensors to provide an instantaneous reading of the compensated mass flow rate of gases, liquids and steam. In addition to outputs for totalized mass and alarm settings, the field-configurable electronics deliver up to three analog 4-20 mA outputs of five process measurements, including volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, pressure, temperature and density.

TurboPro™ Model Pro-T™-VT
The Model Pro-T™-VT integrates a precision 1000 Ohm platinum RTD tempera-ture sensor that can be used to calculate and output a compensated mass reading. This device is typically used to measure flow rates of saturated steam.

TurboPro™ Model Pro-T™-V
The Model Pro-T™-V delivers a direct reading of volumetric flow rate–generally the most cost-effective solution for liquid flow monitoring–in applications ranging from general water flows to hydrocarbon fuel flow measurement.

TurboPro™ Model Pro-T™-EM
The Model Pro-T™-EM Energy Monitoring option permits real-time calculation of energy consumption for a facility or process. The meter can be programmed to measure steam, hot water or chilled water. The Model Pro-T™-EM flowmeter monitors one side of the process, either sent or returned, and uses the input from a second separate temperature sensor on the opposite leg of the process to calculate the change in energy. Selectable energy units include Btu, joules, calories, Watt-hours, Megawatt-hours and Horsepower-hours. The local or remote electronics indicate two temperatures, delta T, mass total and energy total.

TurboPro™ Model Pro-T™-VTEP, VETEP
Similar to Pro-T-VTP but with the option for an external input (T or P) via RTD or 4-20mA or one of each

Applications suited to the Turbo Pro T

Boiler Feed Water Industrial Gases
Chilled Water Natural Gas
Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen
Compressed Air Saturated Steam
Condensate Superheated Steam
Fully De-mineralized Water Steam
Heat Transfer Oil Water
Hot Water Cryogenic Liquids


Automotive Petrochemical
Chemical Pharmaceutical
Cement Power
Co-Generation Pulp & Paper
Energy Refining
Food and Beverage Semiconductor
Iron, Steel and Metal Water
Oil & Gas Cryogenic Liquids

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