FastFlo 620S Insertion Thermal Mass Air Flow Sensor

Fast Flo 620S Insertion thermal mass air flow sensor by Sierra InstrumentsFast Response Insertion Thermal Mass Air Flow Sensor

Sierra Instruments FastFlo™ 620S is an insertion thermal mass air flow sensor that has been designed to give you a highly reliable, responsive and affordable mass flow measurement for light industrial applications where a NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure is acceptable. This airflow sensor:

  • Includes a compact, versatile, microprocessor-based transmitter
  • Integrates flow-range adjustments, and meter validation and diagnostics
  • Gives you the ability to “field-validate” your meter’s calibration
  • Increases efficiency with fast response time within 200 milliseconds
  • Wide Flow ranges from 0 to 42,000 scfh
  • Easy to install in the field or retrofit
  • Optimised air, nitrogen and inert gas measurement for 1, 2, 3, 4 inch sch
  • 40 pipe sizes

Operating Principal: Thermal dispersion technology for direct mass flow measurement featuring no pressure or temperature compensation needed, no moving parts, low pressure drop, high turndown.

Benefits at a glance

FastFlow 620S suitable applications

  • Compressed Air
  • Precision Measurement & Control
  • Carbon Dioxide Flow Meters
  • Nitrogen Mass Flow Meters
  • Precision Burner Control for Natural Gas Flow
  • Allocation & Billing

FastFlow 620S Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Air Sensor benefits


  • Measuring Range 0 to 42,000 sfpm
  • 200 millisecond response to changes in flow rate
  • Ideal for OEMs and for compressed aire monitoring
  • Programmable pulse output for remote totalisation
  • Minimal flow blockage and low pressure drop
  • Field flow range adjustment and meter validation and diagnostics
  • Flow totaliser and alarms
  • No moving parts

FastFlow 620S Document Downloads

Download the DATA Sheet

Flow Type: Gas Flow Meters