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566FZGP - Safety Pattern Budenberg Pressure Gauge

566FZGP Bourdon Tube Pressure Guage Budenberg Australia @ Procon Instrument Technology

Large Dial Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge - Safety Pattern Construction

The Budenberg 566FZGP pressure gauge has been designed for applications where a large Dial is required, being 8" or 10" for distant reading, such as on top of boilers, etc.

Variants include an oil free pressure gauge clean for Oxygen duty with the dial marked accordingly.

Flush mounting versions are also available with 3 Hole front fixing flange or the Instrument black bezel with rear clamp fixing duty with the dial marked accordingly.


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The Budenberg 566FZGP Pressure Gauge is suitable for the following applications / industries

Oil & Gas Pressure Gauges Budenberg Australia

Oil & Gas
Pressure Gauge
Power Generation Pressure Gauges
Power Generation
Pressure Gauge


Budenberg 566ZPGP Specifications

Size 200mm (8") & 250mm (10")
Mounting Direct, Surface and Flush (3 Hole or clamp)
Case & Bezel Die Cast Aluminium Case, with a solid baffle partition wall and full blow out back. Powder coated brass bezel.
Scale Ranges
0 to 1 bar to 0 to 1400 bar Pressure.
Equivalent units of pressure / vacuum available. Single and dual scales are also available.
Pressure Element
≤80 Bar – 316 Stainless Steel Bourdon Tube
≥81 Bar - 316 Stainless Steel Coil
Overload Protection
Units withstand overload pressure upto 130% of FSD. Overload & vacuum stops are fitted on the movement.
Option: Mechanical overload clamps fitted internally to enable units to withstand up to 3x the max scale reading.
Pressure Connection in 316 Stainless Steel
3/8" & 1/2" BSP
Other connections available.
CL:1 1.0% of FSD as defined in EN837-1
 Option: 0.5% of FSD as defined in EN837-1
Operating: -20 to +90°c
Storage: -40 to +100°c
Options for lower or higher operating temperatures, please contact our office
Temperature Effect Variation in indication caused by temperature shall not exceed +0.04 x (t2 - t1)% of the span where: t1 is the reference ambient temperature in degrees celsius / t2 is the ambient temperature in degrees celsius
Environmental IP55 as defined in EN 60 529
Individually calibrated with a unique serial number printed on the dial.
Certificate of Conformity.
Available Certification: BS EN 10204 3.1B Material Certification Point to Point Test Certification
Traceability All instruments are individually calibrated and have a unique Serial Number printed on the dial.
Safety All units are manufactured to comply with EN837-1, S3 Specification and other regulatory standards including PED.



Classic 566ZFGP Series Dial Specifications

Size 200mm (8") & 250mm (10")
White Anodised Aluminium marked in black finish
Single or Dual Scale
Aluminium coloured Black
Options: Micrometer Adjustable Pointer
Stainless Steel Construction
Options: Viscous Damped movement to overcome the effects of minor pressure pulsations
3mm laminated Safety Glass
Option: Acrylic Plastic Window

566FZGP Pressure Gauge Specification Sheet Download

To view all the information on the Budenberg 566FZGP Pressure Gauge you can download the data sheet here