SteelMass 640S Insertion Gas Mass Flow Meter

Steel Mass 640S Insertion Gas Flowmeter by Sierra InstrumentsAccurate Metering of Peak, Low Flow and Total Mass Flow Rate

Sierra Instrument's SteelMass 640S delivers precise measurements with heavy-duty industrial gas mass and air flow meter measurement applications. Choose from a wide variety of inline and insertion thermal mass air/gas flow meters for precision SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute), SFPM (surface feet per minute) and SMPS (standard meters per second)  measurement of gas mass flow rate in industrial environments.

The 640S offers accurate monitoring of peak, low flow and total air/gas mass flow rates is a critical part of many industrial process control systems. When you need a portable analog or digital air flow meter that easily inserts into industrial ducts and pipes up to 72 inches (2 m), choose SteelMass® 640S. 

  • Insertion, totalizing air/gas mass flow meter
  • Eliminate drift with patented DrySense™ sensor
  • Increase flexibility with low pressure drop, high turndown
  • Validate in the field for easy in-situ calibration
  • Backed by lifetime sensor warranty

 The SteelMass 640S is ideal for:

  • Air volume flow metering
  • Compressed air flow
  • Aeration basin air flow
  • Combustion air flow
  • Natural gas fuel flow
  • Custody transfer
  • Stack gas emissions flow monitoring

Benefits at a glance
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SteelMass 640S Insertion Flow Meter suitable applications

  • Natural Gas Flow Measurement Instruments
  • Compressed Air
  • Precision Measurement & Control
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Flare Gas Measurement
  • Carbon Dioxide Flow Meters

640S Insertion Gas Mass Flow Meter benefits

  • Measuring Range 0 to 20,000 sfpm (100 smps)
  • Custom options available
  • Dual range capability
  • Pipe/duct sizes up to 72 inches
  • Low pressure drop
  • No moving parts
  • Digital communicaitons
  • Field rangeability
  • 316 Stainless Steel construction
  • Hazardous Area location enclosure (IP66) and NEMA 4X (IP65)

SteelMass 640S Insertion Gas Mass Flow Meter Document Downloads

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