BDT18 - Process Pressure Gauge

Badotherm BDT20 Stainless Steel Pressure GaugeStainless Steel Pressure Gauge

Badotherm's model BDT18 pressure gauge is manufactured according to the EN837-1 and is available in either full stainless steel or Monel options. Safety comes first, with a blow-out feature, pressure elements made of seamless drawn tubes and the welded type connection construction of the 100mm and 160mm. These gauges have been designed to withstand the severest of operating conditions of the ambient environment and the process medium.

Typical Applications:

  • Chemical
  • Petro-chemical
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Power & Utilities,
  • Machine building & general process industries

Special Executions
Mounting Options

BDT18-S = casing and bezel AISI 316(L)
BDT18-M = process connection and pressure element in Monel 400, casing and bezel in AISI 316

  • Bottom connection, direct mounting
  • Bottom connection, panel mounting, clamp fixing (flange material in same material as casing & bezel)
  • Bottom connection, surface mounting (flange material in same material as casing & bezel)
  • Back connection, direct mounting
  • Back connection, panel mouniting (flange material in same material as casing & bezel)