Badotherm Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges

The Badotherm stainless steel pressure gauges are a product of high quality. The stainless steel pressure systems are all provided with seamless drawn tube that reduces the chance of tube rupture. All gauges have the connection welded into the case and is produced according to the international standard EN837.

They can be supplied with 3.1, Nace and calibration certificates and can also be equipped with ATEX declaration. The BDT20 is a safe stainless steel pressure gauge with a solid front with baffle wall and blow out protection.

Suitable Applications: Chemical, Petro-chemical, Oil & Gas, Utilities, machine building, general process industries

Badotherm BDT18 Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge   Badotherm BDT20 Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge                












Stainless steel / monel   Stainless steel, solid front baffle wall