Multipulse Medium Capacity Positive Displacement Flowmeters



The Liquid enters into a precision machined chamber which contains an oscillating piston. The positioning of the piston divides the chamber into compartments containing an exact volume. The liquid pressure causes the piston to oscillate and rotate its centre hub. The movements of the hub are sensed through the meter wall by a series of magnets. Each revolution of the piston hub is equivalent to a fixed volume of liquid, which is indicated as flow by an indicator or totaliser. Close clearances between the piston and the chamber ensure minimum slippage of the liquid for highly accurate and repeatable measurement of each volume cycle.



  MP015 MP020 MP025 MP040 MP050
Pipe Size & Materials
15mm (1/2")
Aluminium & Stainless
20mm (3/4")
25mm (1")
Aluminium & Stainless
40mm (1 1/2")
Aluminium & Stainless
50mm (2")
Aluminium & Stainless

  MP015 MP020 MP025 MP040 MP050
Single Moving Part        
IP67 (Nema 4X) 316L Stainless Steel or Aluminium        



  • Nominal flow range 10 to 600 lph (2.6 to 160 USgal/hr)
  • Performance independent of flow profile or mounting orientation
  • Pressure to 350 bar (5150 psi)
  • Temperature to 150°C (300°F)
  • Both open collector and dual reed switch outputs as standard
  • Measures low and high viscosityliquids up to 1,000,000 centipoise
  • Adaptable to hygienic applications







  • Threaded, flanged or hygienic
  • process connections
  • Explosionproof or intrinsically safe
  • operation
  • Integral or remote self powered
  • flow rate-totaliser with scaled pulse, analog and flow alarm outputs ( see separate data sheet ) Integral or remote high speed
  • preset batch controller ( see separate data sheet )

Applications include:

  • alcohols
  • acetic acid
  • caustic soda
  • ethanol
  • fuels
  • grease
  • glucose
  • ink
  • insecticides
  • latex emulsions
  • liquid sugar
  • margarine
  • mayonnaise
  • molasses
  • resin
  • tallow
  • urethane
  • water
  • xylene & liquid yeast. 



Trimec MP050 Series Positive Displacement Flowmeter measures low and high viscosity liquids up to 1,000,000 centipoise