SES Stainless Single Jet Meter by Seametrics

SeaMetrics SES Stainless Steel Single jet Meter

The SES single-jet meter provides accurate, wide range flow metering in an extremely rugged stainless steel package. Single-jet simplicity combined with high quality jewel bearings results in long life and relatively high tolerance for problem fluids. Typical applications are chemical batching, proportional chemical injection, fertilizer injection, proportioning of spray chemicals, and general flow rate monitoring.

The sensor is easily replaced from outside the meter, and is compatible with most of the Seametrics indicators and transmitters, as well as most controls and PLC’s that accept DC inputs. The standard rotor is PVDF (Kynar®) and the shaft is a special nickel-bonded tungsten carbide. The optional ceramic shaft increases resistance to some concentrated chemicals. The standard O-ring is Teflon®-coated Viton®.



  • Accurate at low flows
  • Simple and durable
  • Rugged body
  • High tollerance for problem fluids
  • 5.5m Sensor cable (low powered - dark blue / Micropower - grey)
  • Field replaceable thread in sensor (6-24 Vdc pulse)
  • 316 Stainless steel body
  • Female NPT Thread
  • Removeable 316SS cover
  • Hex Screws

  • Low flow monitoring
  • Chemical batching
  • Proportional chemical injection
  • Fertilizer injection

Connection Ports 1/2", 3/4", 1" - Female NPT Thread
Sensor Cable 6 m standard cable - maximum cable run 607m
Body 316 Stainless Steel
Rotor PVDF (Kynar®) - 2 magnet (6 magnet high resolution optional)
Shaft Nickel-bonded tungsten carbide (ceramic or silicon carbide optional)
O'Ring Teflon®-coated Viton® (Viton® or EDPM optional)
Bearings Ruby ring and ball
Cover 316 Stainless steel
Maximum Temperature 93°C
Maximum Pressure 35 Bar
Accuracy + 1% of full scale
Power Standard: 6-36 Vdc, < 2 mA
Micropower: 3.1-16 Vdc, 60 μA @ 3.6 Vdc (for FT450 and DL76 only)
Outputs Current sinking pulse, 6-24 Vdc

 Download the SES Datasheet from our Google Drive


SES Stainless Single Jet Meter by SeaMetrics - Dimensions

Flow Type: Liquid Flow Meters