Vortek Instruments - flowmeters for measuring liquid, gas and steam   Sitelab - flow measurement.   Sierra Instruments - mass flow meters and controllers
VorTek Instruments manufactures precision multivariable flowmeters for the measurement of liquid, gas, and steam in commercial, industrial and municipal applications for the water and waste water, chemical & petrochemical, oil & gas, power, pharmaceutical, paper and food & beverage industries. Flow Meters for the Measurement of Liquid, Gas, Steam and Energy. Mass Flow Meters. Vortex Flow Meters. Insertion and Inline. Vortex, Turbine and Ultrasonic.
SiteLab is a registered US trademark by flow measurement professionals with more than 37 years of experience in flow measurement and flow standards, 34 years of which have been in the ultrasonic flow measurement field. Clamp on and Wetted Sensor Transit Time Flowmeters.
Meters and Controllers and Industrial Thermal Mass Meters for use in numerous applications around the world. Sierra is recognised as the leader in the Thermal Mass Flow field. Sierra now incorporates Automotive Test Systems. Sierra-CP has developed advanced software and hardware solutions to cover the full range of engine and vehicle Test Applications.
Contrec Instruments - Flow Computers, Flow Controllers, Level Monitors   Access Instrumentation Procon Instrument Technology   Transtech
Contrec Instruments combine 30 years of engineering excellence with cutting edge technology. The original  Melbourne manufactured  product are now UK based. Manufacturer of Rate Totalisers , Flow Computers, Steam Flow Computers, Gas Flow Computers ,Flow Controllers, Ratio Controllers, Level Monitors and Loop Indicators.   UK based Access Instrumentation Ltd, are specialists in providing Process Instrument Solutions to a wide range of customers. With thier  extensive application experience they specify and supply a range of Instrumentation and Control equipment to that Market. They have just released a new Critical Alarm Monitor which is a direct replacement for the widely used but now obsolete 4000 Series first sold by Rosemont and later Thermo.   TRANSTECH designs and manufacturers a range of Lightning and Transient Controls devices to cover Single and Three phase mains to low voltage instrumentation loops. All products are designed to the latest Australian Standards and offer quality, affordable protection from Main Switchboards down to process control loops and Computer Networks. Also manufactures a complete range of signal Conditioners,Loop Powered "traditional" low cost transmitters for TC/RTD/VC/SW/TP. Loop powered "programmable" transmitters for all inputs. Loop splitters, repeaters and trip modules.Powered transmitters "programmable" for all inputs including math functions. Powered trip transmitters.
Trimec Industries - flow instrumentation   Temperature Controls - Thermocouples, RTD sensors, Thermowells   Sistec - density gauges for mining, pipe density measurement
Trimec Industries is an Australian owned ISO9000 quality certified company specializing in the design and manufacture of a proprietary range of positive displacement rotary piston, oval gear, insertion and impeller flow meters, ancillary flow hardware and dedicated electronic flow instrumentation.   Temperature Controls are specialists in temperature control and have Australia’s largest stock of Thermocouples, RTD Sensors, Thermowells, Temperature Controllers, Liquid Level Switches and Extension Cables in single, multi-pair and steel wire armour configuration.   Manufacturer of the SS200 Density Gauge used in mining around Australia and the world for on pipe slurry density measurement. Supplier of advanced process control electronic instrumentation to the mining industry Manufactured Products :-Density Gauges ,Gamma Level Switches ,Pump Controllers, Laser meters.
Seametrics flow meters and controls   PSM Instrumentation - marine instrumentation and software systems   Kelco Engineering - corrosion resistant flow switches
Since 1990, Seametrics has been providing high-value flow meters and controls. The guiding principles have been common sense, simplicity, economy and durability. Mag Flow Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Mechanical Flow Meters and Rate Totaliser Displays. Batch Controllers.   PSM Instrumentation is a specialist in advanced marine instrumentation, software systems and application solutions for marine architects, ship designers, ship builders and fleet owners. Industrial Level Transmitters, Contents Gauges, and Tank Contents Monitoring Systems.   Kelco Engineering Pty Ltd are a specialist Australian manufacturer of corrosion resistant Flow switches, Level switches, and Float switches. The majority of our switches have no metal parts in contact with process fluids. This feature allows them to be used reliably in aggressive liquids such as acids and alkalis, sea water and saline ground water.
Intech Instruments - transmitters, process indicators, PLC multiplexers, SCADA   AJD Instruments Procon Instrument Technology   Plant and Control Instruments - Process System Solutions
Christchurch N.Z based manufacturer of Transmitters Humidity & pH Pressure & Level Process Indicators Instrument Power Supplies Calibrators Mini Portable Data Loggers PLC Accessories PLC Multiplexers Intech Micro I/O Remote Stations Mini Packs MicroScan SCADA Energy Management Weather Sensor Transmitters.   AJD Instruments manufacture a range of robust self powered  tank gauging systems for the industrial and marine markets. For both these markets a range of products are available from weatherproof indicators to sensors that can be internally or externally mounted and manufactured from various materials to suit the liquid(s) to be gauged.   Plant & Control Instruments are the Australian distributors for Badotherm Industrial and Process Pressure Gauges, Temperature gauges, Diaphragm seals and instrument manifold valves.We can supply gauges on their own or fitted to Diaphragm seals for chemical or Sanitary applications.We have stock, ready to go, of 4”  all stainless steel gauges in standard ranges fitted with 1,1/2” & 2” Triclamp or BSM sanitary seals.We can offer an evaluation and repair service for your Diaphragm sealed instruments and gauges and we can supply traceable workshop calibration certificates if required.We can also supply, fit and fill diaphragm seals to your own free issue gauges and transmitters. Special ceramic or gold coated diaphragm seals etc,  are available to meet your difficult application needs.
Fastron Technologies - process control, energy monitoring, data acquisition        
Components, Products and Solutions for Process Control, Power Electronics, Energy Monitoring and Data Acquisition applications.  Custom design, development, manufacture and test.  Third party repair and refurbishment. Power Semiconductor testing and replacement Electrical, Electronics, Software and Systems Engineers