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Flomec Small Capacity PD Flowmeter

Trimec Industries

Flomec Small Capacity Flow Meters provide precise volumetric measurement of small quantities of liquids or low flows found in a broad range of industries including automotive, aviation, mining, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paint, petroleum & environmental.

Applications include the metering of additives for fuel, consumer products, water treatment & flotation cells, corrosion inhibitors, catalysts, emulsifiers, oils, grease, fragrances, adhesives, solvents, ink & insecticides.

  • High accuracy & repeatability, direct reading flowmeter
  • No requirement for flow conditioning ( straight pipe runs )
  • Stainless Steel rotors (Optional PPS Rotor for OM008 meter)
  • Measures high & low viscosity liquids
  • Quadrature pulse output option & bi-directional flow
  • Integral 4-20mA output option
  • Optional Exd I/IIB approval (ATEX, IECEx)
  • PF option available for metering pulsating flows
  • Features / Benefits Meter selection
  • .Aluminium meters are used for petroleum product including oils and grease, fuels and fuel oils.
  • Stainless steel meters are for the chemical, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries & water based liquids.
  • Blind pulse meters are available with reed switch & Hall Effect outputs. Quadrature pulse & Integral 4-20mA outputs are optional.

Integral instruments

Flomec meter options include integral LCD totalisers, flow rate totalisers & batch controllers. These instruments provide monitoring & control outputs including 4~20mA, scaled pulse, alarms & batch control. Instruments include:

  • BT LCD 5 digit reset, 8 digit cumulative totaliser.
  • RT12 LCD 6 digit reset, cumulative totaliser & flow rate, analog and pulse outputs.
  • RT40 LCD 6 digit reset, cumulative totaliser & flow rate. Backlit Display
  • EB LCD 6 digit 2 stage batcher & cumulative totaliser.
  • (Instruments also available for remote mounting and with I.S. approvals)

Contrec Manufacturing

Contrec Instruments



SeaMetrics SEB Low Flow Water Meter with High Output Pulse rate


The SeaMetrics SEB Low Flow Water Meter with High Output Pulse rate is used in industrial control operations.


  • Single-jet meter
  • Compact brass body
  • Union couplings
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Interfaces with many controls and displays


  • Industrial control operations
  • Bakeries where chilled water and high humidity are  present (Potted Sensor)
  • Low flow situations
  • Clean water

The SEB is a plated brass low flow meter suited for clean water. It is available in 1/2” and 3/4” thread, with union-type meter couplings for easy installation and service. This meter is ideal for flow rates between 0.2 and 18 GPM. The SEB has only one moving part, the propeller.

A 5-30 Vdc current sinking pulse output makes the SEB ideal for many industrial control applications. This signal interfaces easily with programmable logic controllers and computer input boards. SEB meters can also be used in conjunction with the Seametrics FT420 flow computer for reading flow rate and total flow, or AO55 for 4-20 mA output. For metering pump pacing applications, a standard PD10 pulse divider is recommended.

½” Meter 0.75-38LPM (145.3PPL) ¾ ” Meter 0.75-68LPM (87.3PPL)

Maximum Temperature: 85˚C  Maximum Pressure: 12Barg

SeaMetrics SES Stainless Steel Single-jet Meter


The SeaMetrics SES Stainless Steel Single-jet Meter provides accurate, wide range flow metering in an extremely rugged stainless steel package.


• Accurate at low flows

• Simple and durable

• Rugged body

• High tolerance for problem fluids


• Low flow monitoring

• Chemical batching

• Proportional chemical injection

• Fertilizer injection

The SES single-jet meter provides accurate, wide range flow metering in an extremely rugged stainless steel package. Single-jet simplicity combined with high quality jewel bearings results in long life and relatively high tolerance for problem fluids. Typical applications are chemical batching, proportional chemical injection, fertilizer injection, proportioning of spray chemicals, and general flow rate monitoring.

The sensor in the SeaMetrics SES Stainless Steel Single-jet Meter is easily replaced from outside the meter, and is compatible with most of the Seametrics indicators and transmitters, as well as most controls and PLC’s that ac­cept DC inputs. The standard rotor is PVDF (Kynar) and the shaft is a special nickel-bonded tungsten carbide. The optional ceramic shaft increases resistance to some concentrated chemicals. The standard O-ring is Teflon-coated Viton, with EPDM and Kalrez optional for compatibility with a variety of chemicals.



The SeaMetrics WT Series In-Line Turbine Meter is a unique system of 2″ to 8″ turbine meters using just one moving part, a precision helical rotor.



• One moving part

• Low friction jewel bearings

• Field repairable without

removal from the line

• Choice of materials for

chemical compatibility

• Variety of displays and controls


• Water treatment

• Wastewater treatment

• Cooling water monitoring

• Industrial fluid control


This unique system of 2″ to 8″ turbine meters uses just one moving part, a precision helical rotor. Rotation of the rotor is electronically detected and processed. The high-quality jewel bearings and shafts minimize friction while providing long wear life in non-lubricating fluids.

The entire rotor assembly can be easily removed for field service without removing the meter from the pipe.

WTP bodies are fabricated from Schedule 80 PVC fittings, WTC bodies from carbon steel tubing, and WTS bodies fromstainless steel tubing. The turbine insert on WTC and WTS meters is machined from a stainless steel casting.

The WTP turbine insert is machined from a solid piece of PVC. Turbine rotors on all models are Kynar (PVDF).

WT meters can be ordered with various output options. The basic model (100) comes with pulse output only. An electronic display (Seametrics FT420) is mounted on the 101 model to display flow rate and total (resettable or

non-resettable), and provide a programmable pulse or 4-20 mA output. Other electronics options include a blind 4-20 mA transmitter (AO55) on the 102 model and a battery-powered (FT415) rate/totalizer plus pulse output for applications that lack power (104 model).

All of these controls/displays can be mounted on the meter or remotely mounted on a wall or panel up to 2,000 feet away. WT-Series meters are compatible for use with most other remote-mount Seametrics displays and controls as well.

SmartTrak 100 Series

Sierra Instruments

SmartTrak 100 Series features unprecedented performance, user-friendly features, and flexibility. The 100 Series gives users the world’s most linear sensor, smoother valve performance, more robust electronics and even more control over a wide range of functions. The result is a series of mass flow meters and controllers that demonstrates premium flow instrumentation which is easy to use.

BLS 9200 Bilge Level Switch

PSM Instrumentation

PSM has designed the BLS 9200 Bilge Level Switch compact, but rugged bilge water level alarm switch specifically for marine bilge level measurement on vessels of all sizes.

Fully Submersible Marine Approved Bilge Alarm/Water Level Switch

The integral manual checking device in the BLS 9200 fully submersible marine approved bilge alarm/water level switch conforms to class rules without complicating installation. Siting and mounting are also simple, requiring only a two bolt fixing. The self-draining, fully shrouded design prevents interference of operation from obstructions or floating debris.

Due to the harsh environments that this bilge water level switch is likely to encounter, extensive successful testing has been undertaken, exceeding the required environmental testing required for Marine Type Approval laid out in IACS Unified requirement E10 and the relevant sections of IEC945.

Key Features

  • Compact stainless steel construction with integral slosh and debris protection cage
  • Integral manual check lever
  • Fully submersible IP68 construction with relevant marine type approvals
  • Simple 2 Bolt Fixing
  • Choice of Marine grade cables. Two metres of cable as standard, optional lengths as required
  • Optional termination enclosure with built in switch protection
  • Military approved version NSN:6680-99-361-6302

For further information and technical details, please download our BLS 9200 Bilge Level Switch datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Model Pro-T™ Insertion Turbine Mass Flow Meter

VorTek Instruments

VorTek Instruments’ Model Pro-T™ multivariable flowmeters utilize three primary sensing elements–a turbine sensor, an RTD temperature sensor, and a solid-state pressure transducer––to measure the mass flow rate of gases, liquids and steam. Because the TurboPro™ is able to measure all process variables within a single device it provides exceptional accuracy, simplifies system design and reduces installation costs. They are easily installed with flanged or Male NPT process connections in any pipe size of two-inches and greater.

Optional retractor or “hot-tap” hardware simplifies maintenance operations. TurboPro™ Model Pro-T™ provides excellent rangeability and can measure very low flow rates with negligible permanent pressure drop. Additionally rotors are interchangeable, making this meter a good choice for installations with step changes in seasonal flow rates.

To simplify installation and commissioning, all measured variables and programming menus are available on the instrument’s easy to use display and control pad.  The product line is available with a wide range of options and meter configurations to meet your specific application requirements.

Trimec Medium Capacity Oval Gear Flowmeter

Trimec Industries

Shinko ACS-13A 48mm Process/Ramp Controller

Fastron Technologies

The Shinko ACS-13A 48mm Process/Ramp Controller offers an easier viewing display with status color indication.

  • Controller with the shortest depth (56mm)
  • An easier viewing display with status color indication
  • H4-point SV, using external selection
  • H3-phase Heater burnout alarm
  • User friendly communication: Remote monitoring, data transmission
  • Dust-proofIDripproof function (IP66


Easier viewing display with status color indication.

Higher functions and performance have been achieved with the shortest depth of 56mm ACS-13A. This provides cost and space reduction.

The PV display color can be selected from red, green and orange. The PV display color can also change continuously depending on deviation between PV and SV, which allows easy and distinct status checking.

H4-point SV, using external selection
SV memory function, which can switch 4 points of SV using external contact signal, is equipped. After registering the SVs (from SV1 to SV4), they can be easily switched by external operation.

H3-phase Heater burnout alarm
Any trouble in 3-phase heaters such as burnout or deterioration can be detected by connecting 2 CTs(current transformers). Alarm types 20A and 50A are available for both single phase and 3-phase.

User friendly communication: Remote monitoring, data transmission
Standard Console communication function enables 1 to 1 communication between a PC with USB port and the ACS-13A. Various settings and monitoring can be performed using the Console software SWS-ACSO1 M. SWS-ACSO1 M is attached to the USB communication cable CMA (sold separately).

Optional Serial communication (RS-485)
Serial communication (RS-485) between a PC/Touch panel unit and the ACS-13A enables various settings and remote monitoring. A maximum of 31 units in a centralized control system can be established. Shinko protocol and Open Network Modbus are usable.

Dust-proofIDripproof function (IP66)
Can be used in a dust or water splashed environment. UUC-UL pending

Output rate of change limit
This function is suitable for heaters which are not designed for sudden changes in output (OUT1). This is suited for controlling heaters such as the Kanthal Super. This also stabilizes control by suppressing output fluctuation