Level Switches

BLS 9200 Bilge Level Switch

PSM Instrumentation

PSM has designed the BLS 9200 Bilge Level Switch compact, but rugged bilge water level alarm switch specifically for marine bilge level measurement on vessels of all sizes.

Fully Submersible Marine Approved Bilge Alarm/Water Level Switch

The integral manual checking device in the BLS 9200 fully submersible marine approved bilge alarm/water level switch conforms to class rules without complicating installation. Siting and mounting are also simple, requiring only a two bolt fixing. The self-draining, fully shrouded design prevents interference of operation from obstructions or floating debris.

Due to the harsh environments that this bilge water level switch is likely to encounter, extensive successful testing has been undertaken, exceeding the required environmental testing required for Marine Type Approval laid out in IACS Unified requirement E10 and the relevant sections of IEC945.

Key Features

  • Compact stainless steel construction with integral slosh and debris protection cage
  • Integral manual check lever
  • Fully submersible IP68 construction with relevant marine type approvals
  • Simple 2 Bolt Fixing
  • Choice of Marine grade cables. Two metres of cable as standard, optional lengths as required
  • Optional termination enclosure with built in switch protection
  • Military approved version NSN:6680-99-361-6302

For further information and technical details, please download our BLS 9200 Bilge Level Switch datasheet or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Kelco K Series Level Switch

Kelco Engineering Pty Ltd

The Kelco K Series Level Switch heavy duty level regulator is a compact three-wire float switch for highly accurate and repeatable single point level sensing and control applications. It is ideal for use in water, sea water and most acids and alkali solutions.

It will provide a stable switching action with a very high degree of reliability. The teardrop shape of the float makes it ideal for effluent and sewerage usage, as the float cell has no shoulders or edges for solids to build on.

These float switches can be reliably and safely used in potable water systems, as they do not contain hazardous materials such as mercury or lead.

  • Basic liquid level control
  • Multi point level control
  • Sewerage level control
  • Chemical level control
  • High and low level alarms
  • Self powered signalling
  • Pump protection

Kelco D30 Displacer Level Switch

Kelco Engineering Pty Ltd


The Kelco D30 Displacer Level Switch is designed with modern thermoplastic piping and tank systems demand modern controls. The D30 level switch is a rugged versatile liquid level switch that integrates state of the art magnet technology with one of the most fundamental principles of physics to achieve a sensible and reliable solution to the problem of controlling the level of liquids in tanks and sumps.


  • Sump pump control
  • For either pump in or pump out
  • Water tank level control
  • Effluent and liquid waste level control
  • Suits slurry and high solids applications
  • Septic and sewer pump out control
  • Cooling tower control systems
  • Suitable for sea water and many chemicals

Kelco LC 20 Modular Level Switch

Kelco Engineering Pty Ltd

Kelco LC 20 Modular Level Switch comes with a number of compact highly weatherproof sensing heads that are positioned along a vertical riser pipe that is attached to the side of a tank.

The riser pipe is made from a length of standard 20mm PVC or 1 inch stainless steel or copper tube. Liquid level rising and falling in the tank and in the riser pipe carries a small magnetic float through the sensor heads and provides a series of switching points that can be used for a multitude of level control and sensing applications.

Typical uses include water treatment equipment, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacture, chemical metering systems, water features and a vast variety of mechanical services and process control applications. A typical system comprises a tank with an externally mounted balance pipe, or riser pipe alongside.

The riser pipe is connected to the base of the tank and is constructed from standard pipe and fittings. Liquid level in the tank maintains an equal level in the riser pipe. As the level of liquid in the tank changes so does the level in the adjacent riser. A small float containing a magnet rides up and down within the riser pipe, and is carried through the sensor heads, causing them to sequentially switch.

Kelco Float Level Switches

Kelco Engineering Pty Ltd

Kelco Float Level Switches are manufactured by Kelco, a specialist manufacturer of corrosion resistant Flow switches, Level switches, and Float switches.

The majority of Kelco switches have no metal parts in contact with process fluids.

This feature allows them to be used reliably in aggressive liquids such as acids and alkalis, sea water and saline ground water.

Mini Float Level Switches

Temperature Controls

We offer a full range of Mini Float Level Switches to suit  general liquid storage applications.

These devices are manufactured  or supplied to suit the application by Temperature Controls in Sydney.

The specifications and Standard Drawings can be downloaded from the Temperature Controls Site. Click Link on the Home Page.

Vertical Multi Float Level Switches

Temperature Controls

We offer a full range of Vertical Multi Point Level Switches to suit Diesel Day Tank and all general liquid storage applications.

These devices are manufactured to suit the application by Temperature Controls in Sydney.

The specifications and Standard Drawings can be downloaded from the Temperature Controls Site. Click Link on the Home Page.

Innova-Switch 615 Series

Sierra Instruments

The Innova-Switch 615 Series from Sierra Instruments represents the State-of-the-art in gaseous and liquid flow switching or liquid level control and continues the Sierra tradition of providing the highest quality mass flow meters and controllers in the industry.

Flow and level detection is accomplished by using a high-resolution thermal differential technique. The sensor consists of a pair of matched Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s). One RTD is self-heated using a constant DC current. The other RTD is unheated and provides an accurate process temperature reference. The thermal differential created between the reference and the heated RTD pair is a function of the density and/or velocity of the media with which the sensor is in contact.

The sensor and wetted parts are of durable 316L stainless steel, all welded construction with no moving parts. The switch is easy to install and adjust, giving reliable, low maintenance performance in the most demanding applications.