AJD Instruments

AJD Instruments manufacture a range of robust self powered  tank gauging systems for the industrial and marine markets. For both these markets a range of products are available from weatherproof indicators to sensors that can be internally or externally mounted and manufactured from various materials to suit the liquid(s) to be gauged.

Self Powered Contents Gauge

Level and Contents

The AJD Self Powered Contents Gauges require no external power to provide a continuous readout of Tank Contents,in Engineering Units, in Vented Vessels. It is simple to install with both internal and external sensor mounting options.

The Instrument may be fitted with up to 30  Metres of Capillary with 3 Metres being standard. A detachable capillary option is available where it the capillary is to pass through a wall on under a roadway etc.

The instrument monitors hydrostatic pressure and is therefore calibrated at the SG of the stored liquid. Calibration is at a stated Temperature up to 100° C.

The Indicator is All Stainless Steel and is available in 100, 160 and 250mm case size.

A variety of wetted parts and connections are available for compatibility with the stored products.

Note: Options for Alarm Switches or Analogue Re-transmission are available.

Marine For the marine market we have a range of self-powered tank contents gauges, which have been designed for many onboard applications and against liquids such as Heavy Fuel Oil, Diesel and Lube Oils to potable, bilge and seawater. The dial indicators are of Stainless Steel construction and are weatherproof, as with all marine-type gauges they are fully overload protected. Calibration can be completed in any unit of mass, volume or height with dual scales an option. We have in place Bureau Veritas certification for the Internal Sensor type [I.M.] and the Bulkhead / Gland system which, if required, allows the indicator to be mounted in a separate compartment away from the tank. The bulkhead coupling only requires a 38mm diameter hole in the bulkhead and then using the sealing washer the coupling can be fitted along the capillary of a bulkhead gland once the capillary has been passed through. At the time of manufacture, the gauge capillary will be fitted with bulkhead glands at pre-determined points. Once the capillary has been passed through and the coupling and gland have been aligned, it can be secured in place using the nut and compression washers of the bulkhead coupling. The bulkhead will then retain its gas and watertight integrity. If required this system can be fitted into several bulkheads.