A flowmeter will measure the flow rate or quanitity of liquids, gases or steam that is moving through a pipe and have many names, most commonly: flowmeter, flow indicator, liquid meter and flow gauge. 

Procon Instrument Technology can supply and support the following types of flowmeters include:

  • Mass Flow Meter (Thermal, Turbine, Vortex)
  • Velocity (Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Turbine, Propeller, Paddle [Pelton] Wheel, Variable, Rotameter and more...)
  • Open Channel Flow Meters
  • Differential Pressure Flow Meter 

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SmartTrak 100 by Sierra Instruments   Pro V M22 Flow Meter Vortek   SeaMetrics SEB Low Flow Water Meter   SL1438K Transit Time Flowmeter PVC pipes SiteLab    Contrec 202D Field Mounted Rate Totaliser Flow Meter        
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