Product Specification Sheets

For your convenience we have broken up our specification sheets by manufacturer.

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Access Instrumentation   AJD Instruments   Contrec   Fastron Technologies Pty Ltd   Process System Solutions
Access Instrumentation - Alarm Monitors   AJD Instruments - tank gauging systems for industrial & marine   Contrec Instruments - flowmeters, flow computers, level monitors for gas, liquid & steam    Fastron Technologies - energy, gas, water monitoring & management solutions   PCI - monitoring for pressure, temperature, level, flow & analytic process control systems
Temperature Controls   PSM   Seametrics   Sierra   Sitelab
Temperature Controls - thermocouples, RTD's, thermowells, temperature controllers, level switches   PSM - marine instrumentation, tank level & pressure measurement solutions   Seametrics - flowmeters & controllers, electromagnetic meters, chemical resistant mag meters   Sierra Instruments - mass flowmeters & controllers, thermal mass, ultrasonic flowmeters, Innova flowmeters   SiteLab - specialise in ultrasonic flow measurement
Sistec   Trimec   Vortek        
SIStec - process control instrumentation, flowmeters, laser meters, pressure transducers, survey meters   Trimec Industries - oval gear meters, turbine meters, flow instruments,   Vortek Instruments - vortex flow meters, turbine flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters        


Specification sheets have been sourced from the supplier and were correct at time of being made available on Procon Instrument Technlogy's website. Whilst every endevour is made to ensure that all specification sheets are up-to-date, Procon Instrument Technology takes no responsibility for any out-of-date or incorrect data.